Illustration by Eggu/Loraine S.


Hey there! My name is Egg Dishes er- rather that is my alias on the internet.  Egg Dishes is a name I received during my time playing FFXI and it kind of finally stuck as my digital alias.  My real name is Loraine and I’m a freelance illustrator and painter. I graduated with a BA in Studio art with a concentration in painting & digital media from Fairmont State University a small public state institution in West Virginia.

I’m super passionate about games and would love to work in the industry some day as an artist.  For now I just dabble in freelancing as I continue my studying and portfolio building. As far as my personal work is concerned I often find myself exploring ideas of escapism, fantasy, and how we curate ourselves in our lives.  These themes were present in my Senior Thesis Exhibion in Spring 2017 for graduation titled “Avatar”.

My preferred tools are my Cintiq 24HD and Adobe Photoshop CS6.  I’m currently teaching myself MudBox before I grab a copy of zBrush.  When it comes to my traditional work I use a ton of acrylic, spray paint, and oil paint although I consider myself proficient in all paint mediums.